Antelope Valley California — Palmdale, Lancaster, — We Have To Clean Out Some Garbage — vote blue

When my friends vote on Tuesday, you better understand there’s a lot on the line.  in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA, the voters put in who they are told to vote for.  The vote each other’s relatives, friends of the “mob” mentality type, and those who use God as the weapon of choice.  There is a Republican group that use to and may still do, put leaflets on the cars of church goers on  the Sunday before voting day.  They have been doing it for decades and no one has ever been able to stop them because the powerful GOP leaders put their names on the flyers.  They even have preached it from the pulpit and put leaflets in the back of the churches.  WHAT HAPPENED TO A SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE?

So, I’m telling my community a few things.  Take them or leave th


STEVE KNIGHT FOR CONGRESS.  After almost 30 years in this valley and watching it come from dirt to modern day ambiance, I knew Steve’s father extremely well.  He was not great, appeared many times on my then talk radio show and had a profound dislike for hispanics and gays  But he told me the valley’s dirt because someone had to know the truth,

V. JESSE SMITH FOR MAYOR OF PALMDALE.  Nothing but  a chameleon.  Because we need black and hispanic representation here does not mean we pick any snake off the street.

OSCAR ALEMAN FOR PALMDALE CITY COUNCIL.  Businessman who tries to suck up as many hispanic votes as he can. His hands are so dirty based on my personal knowledge and documentation that you don’t want them in the taxpayers cookie jar. BESIDES, I’m a member of the #METOO Movement.  His x WIVES HAD A LOT TO SHARE BUT NO ONE DID ANYTHING.  He’s buddies with the police officers and others he provides with free services.

NANCY SMITH FOR PALMDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES.  SHE HAS THE SUPPORT OF UNIONS AND MANY OTHER GROUPS BUT HOW QUICKLY PEOPLE FORGET ALL THE DIRTY DEALS, MISHANDLING HEAD START PROGRAM FUNDS TO THE TUNE OF MILLIONS.  She has over looked principals and other administrators who had child porn on their computers because she wanted them to owe her favors.  Check into the files of Robert Berlinger and Clift Doty.

Oh Nancy has done so much more, but people have short memories and they really d;t give a damn about the quality of education received when she was superintendent.  I don’t need to exaggerate……….she was a crook.  She would invite people in and let them construct the RFPs and then bid on their own work.  Even mega law firms like O’Melveny and Myers covered for her as did Burkey and Cox CPA in Lancaster.  So much to share about how a few people became rich off this community and the services provided especially in the area of justice and mental health are a joke.


























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