I have been mentally and physically tormented, financially raped, personally raped by a high ranking politician who knew I had no power to punish him, and personally talked to high ranking members from the Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Center to the Palmdale School District about stealing and fleecing taxpayers in a growing community.  I have spent years in court room from Superior Court to writing prose writs for the United States Supreme Court and all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have told a retired Federal Judge named Howard Matz how he was a son of a bitch and sued a superior court judge named Baker that he had dementia and was used by some of the most powerful GOP men in my community.

All I was guilty of was asking them to stop fleecing schools, local government and even hospitals of billions in everything from a few bucks to large redevelopment funds.  And how did I know?  Some white people are so stupid and arrogant that they look at a Black Woman who is so damned smart they think she has a price tag but we don’t.  From Technical Schools like Associated Technical College (with 7 campuses at one time) to people having contractors build their homes and charging the act off to the taxpayer, I have seen it all.

What hurt me the most was I should have been spending that time loving my family and not saving others.  Whether it is a CPA firm called Burkey and Cox or a law firm named Charlton Weeks, people thought this Black woman just wanted the affirmation of the white man on this plantation.  Still it’s happening today.  From deals with China to taking over school districts, it’s all the same on a local level AND THE TRUMP NATIONAL AND GLOBAL LEVEL.

I ALWAYS WANTED the American Dream of a family, children, and a nice life style.  But more often than not I was inundated with SAVING OTHERS AND BOY HAVE I SAVED MANY FOLKS, EVEN THE RICH WHO DIDN’T DESERVE IT.  The more I tried to make people realize they could get rich and do it the right way and not step on the necks of the homeless, poor, our students, seniors, the less they listened.

I lost so may pregnancies, begged God to let me be a mother, and in the interim quietly saved so many people without the rich and powerful knowing I was their real opposition.  MICHELLE OBAMA AND ALL WOMEN SHOULD JUST TELL THEIR STORY AND LET THE NEXT GENERATION WOMEN KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FAMOUS TO HAVE THESE CRAZY EXPERIENCES.  I have met, grown up with, saved, interacted with and become a confident of so many celebrities, high ranking officials, and rich folks and one thing my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR will teach local Americans that we have a voice but we alone can’t save the world.

I use to be so afraid of what the biggest named politicians would do to me and have, like creating bogus subpoenas and lies……..I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have an exemplary and diverse background from traveling the world making motivational speeches.  I have worn so many hats and even use to have my own talk radio show, write freelance columns for major newspapers all over the world and even being offered $50,000 to gain access for KAISER PERMANENTE to an area.  I stupidly asked Dr. Wade Tadros to donate the money in 1997 in two payments to a foundation that was has done everything to forget all the great things I did for my community.

I think the only way I will ever be at peace is to get down to the nitty gritty and BE LIKE MICHELLE OBAMA.  PUT HER PAIN ON A PAGE.

BY THE WAY, I RAN the 2008 Lancaster, CA mayoral campaign for mayorR. Rex Parris.  Do you really believe he won?  I have been involved in campaigns for 30 years from sea to shinning sea.  He tried to destroy my life, family, career in 1998 so why did I help him? He promised me to stop the 20 plus years of torturing my family if I put him in office and when I GAVE HIM HIS WIN, HE STILL TRIED TO DESTROY ME WHEN BROUGHT THE FBI AND DOJ TO MY SIDE.

Yes I have a story that I hope will lessen the years of nightmares and letting my community know all the businesses, health facilities, and saving of lives I quietly did and then tried to be destroyed by men like FRANK VISCO, FORMER CHAIRMAN AND TREASURER OF THE CALIFORNIA GOP.  DON’T EVER THINK THESE PEOPLE CAN’T HAVE YOU KILLED.






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