MY GRANDFATHER’S NAME WAS PETER RICHARD BEARD.  HE STARTED WORKING ON HIS OWN AT AGE 12 IN THE COAL MINES.  HE MADE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUILD A HOUSE IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR HIS BIRACIAL BRIDE AND THEY HAD 10 CHILDREN.  WHEN MY GRANDMOTHER who was a classic pianist and would entertain DIED MY FATHER WAS 1 YEARS OLD and OUT OF JEALOUSY people burned my grandfather’s home down.  They put oil and gasoline in the wells so the fire could not be put out.  There was  a white Baby Grand piano in that house. It was burnt of course and all the Beard children could save were two pictures of PETER AND GERTRUDE BEARD (BAIRD).   Peter kept his 10 children together and my father is the last living of those 10 children.  I COME FROM STRONG STOCK.  I DON’T PLAY WHEN AN ISSUE IS SERIOUS.

Born in Harlem, New York, Personally exposed to all the jazz greats that were friends of my parents. From Count Bassie to Dinah Washington, from the early lives and careers  of people like Flip Wilson to Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner,  my father who is now 99-years-old knew so many entertainers and thus exposed us to a world of double standards, struggling artists,and  courage through his association with clubs like the world famous Birdland.   My mother showed us the curse and abuse of corporate America as she struggled to climb in the ranks of a mega government agency that used her to train others and then bypassed her.  But she persevered in her way by taking a government test no less then twelve times to gain an opportunity to have a job she already knew and taught others how to do.  Together my mother and father gave us great insight into injustice  and love simultaneously,  how to overcome obstacles that were both challenges and incentives to excel  for them as a couple.  It is through them and  their circle of associates, friends, and contacts that we discovered that everyone wears a mask and you have to be comfortable in your own skin.

I have assisted  those lacking resources to handle their Pro Per court cases from Superior Court to the United States Supreme Court.

I have written freelance columns on education, business, and social service topics that have appeared in many local, national, and international publications from the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, San Diego Union Tribune, Upscale Magazine, St Petersburg Times, and countless others.

I grew up with John Travolta, Isley Brothers, the Sugar Hill Gang, the Moments, and many, many performers of national and international prominence. Met Dr, King Jr., Malcolm X and watched my parents face attack dogs and water hoses as they marched for civil rights.

I started winning community and other level essay awards at 10 years of age over older students.  My first win was for a 500 word  essay “Freedom Is Not Free.”

My DNA is about justice for the little guy who rarely gets to taste it in a world where courts have become the new BANKS. Watch the Brink trucks pull up in front of court buildings and the bags of money they carry out. All day long, the court system collects fees. Money in but not money ever comes back to the taxpayer … and sometimes no spiritual refund for justice denied or delayed.

I value a personally handwritten letter from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas expressing his admiration for my standing up for positive social changes in our country. I met him because we are both alumni of College of the Holy Cross. I do not share his political ideology but our conversations after the Anita Hill issue were enlightening as to the mask people wear and for what reason.

I dislike hypocrites and those who stomp on the necks of others just because it gives them an adrenalin rush.  As a Whistle Blower who stood up in 1998 for students of the Palmdale School District, Palmdale, CA, I have experienced many years of torment, feeling the “master’s” whip, directly see how the justice system can be manipulated to brutally attempt to destroy one’ emotional, spiritual, financial, and social existence.  I know how brutal people can be and how Black people can quickly sell their souls to the White entrenched system simply to be able to drive an Escalade or be given a nice sounding title.

OUTSTANDING KEYNOTE SPEAKER ON SOCIAL, ECONOMICS, RACE RELATIONS, DUMBING DOWN OF OUR CHILDREN, EDUCATION SYSTEMS, PARENTAL AND TEACHER ADVOCACY, LOCAL GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION FROM SCHOOL BOARDS TO CITY COUNCILS, AND REALITY ISSUES FACING AMERICA’S ROLE IN THE WORLD. CALL ME IF YOU WANT TRUTH…..NOT CANDY COATING OF A TOPIC! I am an expert on many topics and my consultation is often privately sought even by those who have attempted to destroy my career in the past because people like that have no shame and think everyone is for sale.

My parents taught us that no matter what choices we made in life, always hold on to our souls because our soul is the only vehicle we have back to God.  So do not label me a Christian or any other politically correct title.  Just call me “Diana” and take off the mask.

Bachelors Degree in Urban Affairs and Sociology

Masters Degree in Education / Curriculum Development

Doctorate – Internationally Conferred with coursework done in U.S.