Americans Almost Got Caught By A Decades Old Scheme – They Picked The Wrong White Man

Remember when 911 and the destruction of the World Center occurred? Remember how many of us talked about how we thought it was a CONSPIRACY because everything did not add up. Remember who flew the planes into the buildings — mostly men from Saudi Arabia who has now become the Trump’s best friend. AMERICA, TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF……… TRUMP IS PRESIDENT AND HE HAS NEVER PICKED UP THE PHONE AND CALLED TWO PAST PRESIDENTS WHOSE LIVES AND FAMILIES WERE THREATENED BY A BOMB. PUTIN HAD TRUMP DO SO MUCH INTERNAL DIRT AND DESTROY OUR GLOBAL RELATIONSHIPS. THE ONLY COUNTRIES TRUMP KISSED UP TO IS ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA. THAT’S WHY THERE WAS THE TAUNTING OF PALESTINE THROUGH DECISIONS TRUMP MADE IN FAVOR OF ISRAEL.
Well, they almost caught us! A group of men who I believe were involved the Report For A New American Century cultivated a relationship with Trump for decades. Putin found the right moron who IS BROKE, ARROGANT, LACKING ANY SENSE OF INTEGRITY, and whose hatred for a Black man named Barrack Obama dictate his presidential actions. Trump did not take his time and the Uncle Toms like Dr. Ben Carson and Kanye West allowed him to feed off of them. They selected a puppet who let his hatred for non-whites in general eat him up and act too quickly. They selected a puppet who has a God-complex. I’m betting Putin and the white men involved in what has been carried out in this country are seething mad at Trump.
But don’t they tell us there is no perfect crime?
I don’t have to go on. We all know what Trump has done in reversing every Obama order that protected Americans of all races. We know he rushed through a greedy tax cut that benefitted not the top 1% but do some research. It benefitted an even smaller circle of folks. Trump thumbed his nose constantly at our norms, rule of law and so much more and some Americans gave him a pass. Our elected GOP officials were too afraid to stop him and I ask you why? Whey did YOU AMERICANS OUT THERE LET TRUMP GO SO FAR IN THIS? Trump put in Cabinet officials who robbed American taxpayers on personal expenditure. Trump put in people like his Education Secretary DeVose who has been destroying public education in this country, or ignorant Dr. Ben Carson cutting off housing subsidies to the poor and Right Wing allies in as advisors like Steve Bannon who brought out the racist natures many Americans never realized they had.
But America is taking the blinders off. Americans have finally begun to realize that we need each other to survive one of the greatest attacks ever on our ideals of DEMOCRACY. JOHN MCCAIN TRIED TO PREPARE US but many of you turned your anger on the rest of us and our government in general and let Putin and Trump slide by your detection.
Trump almost had us. Yes, I have great faith in the men and women of our law enforcement agencies that Trump verbally abused over and over again. But don’t kid yourself. Trump is scared. He will be caught between the anger of Americans from all walks of life and Putin and the others in his inner circle who he has been working for. Trump was never for America from the standpoint of helping our democracy grow and thrive. As PUTIN said in his country a few days ago, America was being brought to its knees and Trump was the vessel to destroy all of the global respect and power Americans have earned.
Trump almost caught us! We came close to losing America. EVERYTHING FROM THE TAX CUT TO ENDING TREATIES, TRUMP WANTED AMERICA TO FALL APART. HE’S A BROKE MAN, HAS BEEN BROKE FOR DECADES AND YOU SHOULD HAVE DETERMINED HE WAS WEAK WHEN THE STEELE DOSSIER TOLD YOU TRUMP HAD PROSTITUTES URINATE ON THE BED THE OBAMAS HAD SLEPT IN. That was hate and Trump was the individual chosen to take America down but will we come together und realize we had been had.
We must be one nation even though we have disagreements and different perspectives. This bomb nonsense shows us just how fragile many of us are.


I do believe the punk named TRUMP THE FIOOL will sabotage himself because his ego MAY BE HUGE AND does know leave room for common sense. He’s sick, we know it and those around him know. No wonder his wife ran off to those “shit hole” countries in Africa as trump called them. She didn’t want that slip up to be on her resume even though it still does down in history books. “Yes I love him,” she told us in an interview. Love him when, where and how. When he was having the affair with Stormy Daniels and others or when she gets her monthly allowance, or when Trump gave her parents citizenship through that Chain Migration program he hates.

I would not be surprised if he has dementia because he can’t read, can’t absorb, can’t listen, can’t sit still and is always trying to figure out the next bit of chaos he can start. Oh he will not start World War III but the fools and infants around him will let him come close. I like his new color of DEPENDS he wears by the way and to fire someone for not positioning his tan machine in his room exactly right is so TRUMPIAN. Has he looked at the bulges under his eyes from those goggles and how he keep trying to lo 35 years old with all that lion crap on his head. CAN’T A MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE/TRILLIONAIRE make that look more human or is that look of insanity.

He will sic his dogs on us as local leaders in the Antelope Valley, California have been known for doing but I guess that prostrate cancer, lung problems, and some of the tragedies God sent down slowed the crooks and malicious fools down a bit around here.



LISTEN, don’t give  s second chance when he or she screws up.  There are a lot of honest folks out there who will do that right thing but we get complacent.

Catholic Priests Were Not The Only Pedophiles….Try Our Current Public School Districts

Catholic Priests Were Not The Only Pedophiles….Try Our Current Public School Districts
Sooner or later my book “AN ABSENCE OF HONOR” which has been written complete with shocking evidence of how California’s Antelope Valley Plantation (Lancaster and Palmdale) has powerful Republican men who financially fleeced every entity from school districts to the Antelope Valley Medical Center without being touched, will appear on your book shelf.  But I have to come to terms with the death threats and all that nonsense first. Amazing how national and state politicians let these mostly white Republican males  run wild under the radar even though the evidence was always plentiful. Now if I am lying, send the lawsuits over to me because God knows these fools have scared my life and career in many ways and are still wondering what I plan to share via documentation and lots of it in own time. ONE SUCH DISGUSTING ACT THAT DOES MAKE ME SPEAK OUT IS HOW NANCY SMITH, FORMER SUPERINTENDENT OF THE PALMDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT CAN PRETEND HER FINGERS WERE NOT DEEP IN THAT COOKIE JAR.
As a Roman Catholic I am well aware of the history of the church and what priests have been accused of and found guilty of regarding children. We use to tell the same stories to each other when were kids in elementary catholic school regarding the nuns having babies and burying them in the basements of convents. Was that true? I am not sure in the last regard.
But what makes me laugh and yes I said laugh, is that we are so gong ho over the Catholic Church and the Vatican yet I PERSONALLY know of how public school district administrators and principals were enjoying child porn on their school computers. I was one of the highest ranking Black management types, special assistant in a sense, to the Superintendent of the Palmdale School District in 1997 and 1998. Before that I was a consultant for the district on several of its programs. My office was separated from Superintendent Nancy Smith’s office by a door that we would keep ajar so I could hear most things being said in her office. I was her ghost writer for bulletins and supreme confidante. But when it came to things I thought illegal, she never listened. She felt she had the protection of the Republican establishment in an environment that built the B1B bomber, space shuttle and had a myriad of aerospace contracts. The government did not care what went on in the school districts. They just let the powerful white men of the GOP run amuck.
I often told NANCY SMITH that people were watching child porn and having strange conversations on the telephone. As the Director of Public Relations for the district I knew everyone and I was everywhere. SMITH didn’t care. She was more concerned with making “financial deals” that benefitted her vendor friends. She was more concerned with using the services of the international law firm of O’Melveny and Myers to protect her mishandling of funds or passing out of contracts. You have to wonder why a public school district needed such a high profile law firm. I even talked to Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State, who was a partner at O’Melveny about it. I was becoming disgusted and finally stood up and became a WHISTLE BLOWER after asking SMITH to clean up the mess. I wrote freelance columns for major newspapers like the Los Angeles Times at the time, had a highly rated radio talk show, and even traveled the country as a motivational speaker. I thought I would be safe. I even filed a QUI TAM COMPLAINT (whistleblower) federal complaint under seal and THE REPUBLICANS in Lancaster and Palmdale, California still tortured the hell out of me for turning them in.
What is even more interesting is that my evidence shows the Los Angeles County Office of Education did nothing about the porn or the mishandling by Smith of millions of dollars and the courts, Los Angeles County Office of Supervisors representative Michael Antonovich buried his head in the sand. There were some developments thought. Former PALMDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT PRINCIPAL and FORMER HEAD OF THE TEACHER’S UNION Clift Doty got arrested and sent to prison and later former principal and one of Smith’s best buddies ROBERT BERLINER got caught with child porn on his computer. After he found out that he was going to get fired and loose his pension, he resigned to save it. But those aren’t the only two I can tell you about or the only two Nancy Smith ignored.
Now Smith is running for the PALMDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES after retiring as Superintendent. She has unions and all these groups backing her up and I sit here knowing there is a laundry list of illegal activities she engaged in that to me was tantamount to taking money from the classroom to putting it in her associates’ pockets.
IF WE CAN GO BACK AND CHASTISE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, WHY AREN’T WE HOLDING SOME OF THESE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS ACCOUNTABLE FOR SIMILAR ACTS. I remember having a conversation with the Superintendent of the Palmdale School District, Roger Gallizzi, who admitted so much to me that he had found. Look at the quick buy out contract they gave him right before SMITH joined the board when she first left the district as Superintendent. He cannot say anything about all the dirt he found unless he is subpoenaed. And Gallizzi knows dirt about Smith who wants to sit on the board for a second term and keep those fingers in the cookie jar.
And if I am not to be believed, ask Simone Zulu another candidate for the Palmdale Board of Trustees how I got so much information on the district’s Head Start Program theft. Shame on you Zulu for putting me out on a limb back then to protect Head Start dollars and then running and trying to assimilate and lay low while I took all the heat.

Trump Has Made The World Numb To His Being A Pathological Liar, Con Man and Racist. Like Rome Fell, Trump Will Destroy America


Hillary Clinton pegged Trump for the loser he is. But people were so confused they believed the devil wasn’t hiding his horns under the bird’s nest and had his devil’s tail tucked between his legs.
Trump’s first lie was when he was born. The doctors did not know they were pulling a specimen from a woman’s womb. They thought he was human. Wrong. There are no qualities about Trump that are human. From the bird nest on his head to the lies and cheating he has done from grade school, to racial injustices when he started out in renting apartments to Blacks, Trump has been more a moral turd that has infected or made toxic everything he has touched The sorry part is that there is no cure for his illness. Maliciousness, stupidity, racism, being a self admitted pervert among other things he believes are TALENTS, cannot be cured. But that’s not even the most devastating point of all.
Hate is.
He has fueled HATE throughout the world calling Africa “shit hole countries” and calling Latinos rapists and criminals, mocking Native Americas and supporting WHITE SUPREMACIST.
Trump has now crossed the ultimate line of decency. He has allowed his financial wellbeing and personal sense of financial greed to do things that way beyond even a sensible level of egomania, if there was such a thing. Tear families at the Mahican border apart, allow a JOURNALIST TO BB TORTURED AND DISMEMBERED BY THIS SAUDI ARABIA POWERFUL. ALL TRUMP DOES IS LET US KNOW HOW JARED KUSHNER IS BUDDY BUDDY WITH THE INDIVIDUAL HOW PROBABLY ORDERED THE BUTCHERY OF A JOURNALIST.
Trump would be brought to his knees if something like this happened to anyone else’s family. But he does not care. TRUMP IS EVIL AND MALANIA HIS WIFE DOES NOTHING BUT HELP PERPETUATE HIS LACK OF A SPIRIT AND A SOUL. She is his toy who had the never to travel to Africa trying to repair his despicable description of Africans. Wo while America, China, Britian’s Lord of London, Russia and other countries continue to raid Africa of its natural resources, TRUMP LIES AND LIES ABOUT THE HACKING OF A JOURNALIST WHO WAS AN PERMANENT AMERICAN RESIDENT. Trump’s entire demeanor is to lie, play Americans for fools, and compile enough money for 100 lifetimes.